What is accent reduction coaching?

Oct 25, 2020

Maybe you have a friend that’s been taking action reduction lessons for YEARS. Or maybe you’ve heard that accent reduction coaches are EVERYWHERE in LA due to the amount of non-native English speaking actors that would like to learn the American accent. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding accent reduction especially if you’ve 


  1. People have trouble understanding you and the words you say which leads to A LOT of miscommunication
  2. You get blank stares a lot (people may be too polite to tell you they can’t understand you!)
  3. you avoid saying certain words in English because you know that you have difficulty pronouncing them.

When you hire an accent reduction coach, they will be able to tell you what sounds you are CURRENTLY using and what sounds you can REPLACE them with in order to sound more clear to your listener. 

If you are having trouble being understood by your colleagues, audience members, or clients, accent reduction services could benefit you.

However, let’s talk about the other side of things:


  1. People are rude about your accent. That is their problem, not yours. It’s only up to you to decide WHEN or IF you would like to change your accent.
  2. You are self conscious about your accent ONLY because other people have told you to change it. 
  3. You think your accent is a FLAW. (if you are easily understood by other people- and assuming you’re not an actor, accent training might not be for you. 



You are learning and mastering a language that isn’t your own and that you didn’t grow up learning. That in itself deserves a standing ovation. 

Ultimately, the best reason to hire an accent reduction coach is if you are concerned about not being understood properly, or if you want to sound more professional with certain phrases.


The first stage is an interview. Your accent reduction coach will be trying to get you to speak a lot. 

Your accent reduction coach is trying to pick up on sounds that might alter the meaning of a word.

Your accent reduction coach may also correct certain phrases. He or she may be able to understand you, but they may know what sounds more professional in English and they will give you feedback on what to say instead.

They will introduce how you are saying something in your current language, and how to say it in your goal accent (the accent you are aiming to achieve). 

Each session will likely be accompanied by a piece of material that you want to work on. So if you are working on a presentation for work, a podcast, a YouTube script etc., bring that to your accent reduction sessions!

If your coach is good, they will personalize your sessions completely, and they will go over that specific piece of material, help you change the phrases, the pronunciation and correct it to sound more polished and professional.

When you hire an accent reduction coach, be prepared to practice A LOT of sounds and words and repetition. The way to get automatic change is with consistent practice. So don’t be surprised if your coach gives you homework. 

How long is a typical accent reduction session or program?

One session can range from 30-60 min depending on your need.

However, in order to see real results, one session is not enough.

In my professional pronunciation program, I recommend 10-12 sessions for my students. Those sessions also include customized resources that you can use to practice on your own and keep up the consistency. 

It takes ongoing practice and feedback from a trained ear to see real results with your accent. 

If you’d like to learn more about the professional pronunciation program, you can book an interest call with me here!

I hope this article helped give you a clearer understanding as to what accent reduction coaching ACTUALLY is. 



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