4 of the BEST NOVELS to read and IMPROVE your English

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These books are ALL fictional and highly enjoyable stories that will help you improve your English! These recommendations are geared towards intermediate and advanced non native English speakers, but if you do want a video on beginner book recommendations, comment on this blog post to let me know!

BOOK #1: Daisy Jones and The Six

This book is about a fictional famous rock band, how they were formed, and what ultimately lead to the breakup of the band. In this book, you get to know the characters on a personal level and get to see their viewpoints for what it was like becoming a famous rock band. 

WHY THIS BOOK WILL HELP YOU WITH YOUR ENGLISH: The style is in interview format so it is all dialogue. It will help you pick up natural phrases in American English. If you want to have more exposure to past tense, this is the book for you. You can purchase Daisy Jones and The Six HERE. 

BOOK #2: Lock Every Door

I have to warn you.. this is a scary thriller book! We follow our main character Jules who is broke and heartbroken. She accepts a job where she is asked to take care of a fancy and expensive apartment. She also will get to live there for free. Everything just sounds too good to be true. However there are lots of weird rules for this job and she starts to become suspicious of what is REALLY going on…

WHY THIS BOOK WILL HELP YOU WITH YOUR ENGLISH: This book is so fast paced and suspenseful that you FORGET you are reading and you just get to passively enjoy some well written English content. It is the opposite of studying from a text book. You get lost in the story and are enjoying your life in English!! Amazing. You can purchase Lock Every Door HERE. 

BOOK #3: The Fastest Way to Fall

This book is a FANTASTIC feel-good romance. If you like watching romantic comedies, you will love reading this book. In the book, we meet Brita, who works for a lifestyle website and is asked to publicly review a new exercise app on her social media accounts. As part of this project, she is matched with an online fitness coach, Wes (who is ACTUALLY CEO of the company that created the exercise app). So Wes and Brita begin to develop a relationship but Brita is worried about her career if her boss finds out she is dating the CEO of the app.

WHY THIS BOOK WILL HELP YOU WITH YOUR ENGLISH: This is a very simple and easy plot and because the setting of this book essentially is in the workplace, you might find yourself picking up more business terms to add to your English vocabulary! This book is also written in present tense and there is a lot of natural dialogue in this book. So if you want to read a more realistic book that takes place in the present day, I recommend picking this one up. You can purchase The Fastest way to Fall HERE. 

BOOK #4: Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow

If the last few novels feel too advanced for you, this may be the book you want to start with! It is a middle grade novel but the story is SO SO good. Morrigan Crow is a cursed child who is scheduled to die on midnight at her 11th birthday. However, she is rescued by a mysterious man named Jupiter North (my all-time favourite character) and taken to a magical world. I’m going to keep the rest of this book a secret so you can enjoy the surprises, but if you are a fan of Harry Potter, you will love this book!

WHY THIS BOOK WILL HELP YOU WITH YOUR ENGLISH: This book is an easier read because it is written for a younger audience so the sentences can be easier to follow. The conversations are easy to follow and there are many simple, short, and common English expressions used in this book.

One quick Warning though:You will learn words like “Magnificat” which don’t ACTUALLY exist in the English language, but that is part of the fun! So because of that, I don’t recommend picking up this book ONLY for the purpose of expanding your vocabulary as it may get confusing when you encounter made-up words.

You can purchase Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow HERE. 

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You can watch the full video with book descriptions here:

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