Are you afraid of making the wrong impression with your colleagues when you speak English?


Do you feel like you can understand English just fine, but lack confidence when you need to speak it?


Do you speak your native language at home but still feel like you should be working on improving your English?


These are common concerns that many of my clients have. 

And for many of the clients I’ve worked with, it was really important for them to START improving their English now instead of continuing to wonder what life would look like if their English was better.  

If you’re reading this, there’s a high chance that English plays a huge role in your career and social interactions. 

Your ability to communicate with others in English can help you be more understood at work, be seen as a professional, and have the confidence to communicate clearly with your colleagues.  

The truth is…



You don’t need to let your current English level hold you back from chasing after new opportunities. 

If you’re ready to start improving your English so you can become a more confident speaker, build more connections at work or in life, and start going after career and job opportunities

I’d love to invite you to my 1:1 program,

The Confident English Academy!

Who The Confident English Academy is Best For:


  • You already know you want to improve your English speaking skills and you have a very specific reason (e.g., get promoted, improve your interview skills, start a YouTube channel, be accepted into an English speaking university, work internationally, etc.)


  • You’ve been rejected from opportunities in the past because of your English but know you can achieve your goals with just the right amount of clear direction and guidance


  • You know you have so much potential but are frustrated with yourself because your thoughts about your English have been holding you back


  • You’re afraid of making pronunciation mistakes


  • You feel like you speak broken English quickly, just to get your message across


  • You’re not sure how to prioritize memorizing past and future tenses 


  • You’ve watched lots of English tutorials on YouTube but realize it’s not enough support


  • Your listening skills are REALLY GOOD thanks to Netflix and YouTube, but you realize you need more opportunities to practice speaking English 


  • You want to learn how to speak English without thinking during work meetings and interviews


  • You want to express yourself confidently and learn what to do when you feel stuck.



  • You are committed to speaking English confidently for your entire life. 

If any of the above sound like you, Confident English Academy is the perfect program for you!

What you can expect when we work together:

Will there be textbooks?

Nope! This program is designed to be “on the job” and mimic scenarios in your life that you need to and want to use English for! 

While I have a general process I guide clients through, this program is extremely customized based on your learning style, English goals, and current level of English.

Is this going to be boring? Will I feel like I'm in school again?

Quite the opposite, actually. You are not signing up for generic English lessons when we work together.

This program is designed to help you improve your English consistently by introducing one concept at a time. 

Don’t expect any powerpoints, but rather, a practical, realistic (and fun!) English practice routine that will ensure you don’t just learn something once and forget about it forever.

Is this a course with video lessons?

This is a LIVE coaching program! You will have access to 12 x 60 min calls with Kristina. You will receive a copy of each coaching call for future reference.

How is this different than hiring a tutor from sites like italki, cambly, etc?

Kristina does not offer hourly lessons. This is a 3 month, highly customized program. All worksheets and calls are prepared with YOUR interests and career goals in mind.

Do you offer support with obtaining a work visa?

No. Please contact an immigration lawyer if this is what you need. 

Why I’m so excited to help you…



I’ve lived in Spain and Korea with a minimal understanding of Spanish and Korean. 


I know first hand the feelings of embarrassment that come with being unable to express yourself and say what you mean. Even though I had so much I wanted to say, I wasn’t able to. I was secretly so afraid of being laughed at and to be honest, it made me feel extremely insecure about myself. 



This gave me a newfound appreciation for being able to speak English, which inspired me to help others become confident English speakers and avoid missing out on opportunities because of their English. 



This is why I cannot wait to help you stop feeling embarrassed about the way you sound and start communicating with your colleagues, acquaintances, and peers effortlessly. 


 I want you to start hearing “Wow! Your English sounds so good!” over and over again.


You already know that you are professional, credible, and have incredible goals that you are working towards.

and I want to help your English reflect exactly that!

“Before Kristina’s coaching program I was very insecure and always felt disadvantaged compared to other business owners that are native speakers, but she not only gave me the confidence to see over the roadblocks that I have but also she gave me tools to actually be able to hear my mistakes and fix it right away. one of the best investments in myself and my business that I ever made!


After completing Confident English Academy, you will:

  • No longer be worried about sounding funny when you speak English

  • Be excited about your future and have a new English practice routine that is actually doable

  • No longer learn English for the purposes of passing a test, but rather know how to speak English confidently for your entire life 

  • Actively seek out situations that require you to speak English and no longer see it as something to be afraid of

  • Notice that people will see you as a respected professional and credible source

  • Begin having confident conversations in English with colleagues 

  • Stop wondering ‘what to do next’ when it comes to improving your English


How does it work?



Pronunciation assessment – we will get very clear on what sounds you need to work on in order to sound like a natural when you speak English.


We will begin incorporating specific sound practice, making notes of any grammar points along the way. 

You will receive a customized phrase library of phrases you commonly use throughout your daily life.  Throughout the program, I will be compiling a list of phrases you’re currently saying and what you can say instead to sound more fluent.


We will continue sound practice and work on any specific tasks that require you to use English.  We will also begin discussing what to do WHEN you feel stuck, WHY you feel stuck, and start building your confidence with spoken English.  


We will design a highly practical, realistic, and effective English practice routine. Upon completion of the program, you will receive audio recordings specific to your needs to complement your practice routine.


This process is based on my I.C.F method, which I now use with my clients today!


What you’ll get:



12 x 60 min calls via zoom with LIVE feedback from Kristina so that you can stay accountable and move forward with your English goals while boosting your confidence to express yourself clearly in English. 


Ongoing messaging support from Kristina to help you practice English regularly and receive customized feedback. 


Personalized phrase library based on specific English tasks in your daily life. Kristina will assess what expressions you use already and offer customized feedback to take your English to the next level and help you sound more professional at work. 


Customized audio recordings for your English practice routine so that you can achieve sustainable and long-term growth with your English goals. (my graduation gift to you!)


A personalized study plan that will ensure you become a confident English speaker FOR LIFE. No more practicing English just to get a high test score. By joining the Confident English Academy, you will learn how to speak English confidently in ANY situation. 


VIP access to prior workshop recordings (currently a pronunciation workshop and a camera confidence workshop)

Before Kristina's program, I didn't have the confidence to speak English and I didn't have the chance to speak English with other people or to get feedback about my English. 

Now I will be able to speak English with customers at the station! 

I like that Kristina made the program suitable to my level. I learned how to pronounce some sounds and some past and future verb tenses. Once learning these, I had the confidence to speak English.

I strongly recommend Kristina's program! She is a very considerate person and her lessons are so easy to understand. She will help you prioritize your English level AND after lessons she often keeps in touch. You can ask her anything!

I am so thankful for Kristina because I am able to speak English with confidence!

Kurumi, Customer Service Industry

Kristina will tell you exactly what to do so that you can fix your mistakes right away. Not only that, but when you join her program she will not only coach you on the calls but help you come up with your own routine to use on your own even when the program is finished”

Susan, Talent Manager

The Investment:

$1000 USD (pay in full)


$333 USD x 3 (monthly payment plan)

How much longer are you going to avoid..

  • applying for that job
  • speaking up during zoom meetings
  • talking about your business in English 
  • moving to another country

Because of your English?

You can achieve your English and career goals MUCH FASTER through 1:1 coaching, ongoing support, and thoughtful feedback.

My 3 month  program simplifies the process of learning English and will help you get back on track and stop missing out on the opportunities you deserve.

I cannot wait to see how much you can accomplish in JUST 3 MONTHS.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do you use textbooks?

Nope. I offer highly customized worksheets based on your unique needs and English level. I believe the best way to learn is to simulate the tasks that you will actually be using English for.

Can I take a trial lesson?

I offer a 1:1 30 minute call for suitable applicants. This is not a trial lesson but a call intended for me to understand you, your English goals, and for us to decide whether or not this program is the best fit for you. You can book a FREE call with me at the bottom of this page!

Do you charge an hourly rate?

Not at the moment. This is intended to be a 3 month long intensive program.

Do you have an online course?

No, as this is a highly customized 1:1 program and is not a “one size fits all.” I want to make sure you get the results you are looking for.

Will I have enough time?

This is up to you! Are you able to prioritize reaching your English goals?

This costs too much.

There are several free lessons online. The investment of this program includes highly customized, one-to-one support and guidance based on your unique situation.

Your Investment:

$1000 USD (pay in full)


$333 USD x 3 (monthly payment plan)

Stop missing out on opportunities because of your English. Get started today.

It is 100% possible for you to become a confident English speaker for your entire life. 

Apply now