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When I wrote “internet broken” in Korean, I instantly became aware of the impact language can have on our lives.








I had recently made the decision to move to Korea on my own to teach English. A furnished apartment was part of my contract…and it was the first time I was finally living without roommates!

After completing a one month orientation (dorm room style) and saying bye to my new teacher friends, I was provided with the details to my apartment in a small Korean town.

I was pretty excited to have my space back. I also was excited to contact my family and friends in Canada to let them know how things were going.

But…when I moved in, the internet wasn’t working! I also didn’t have my phone set-up yet as I would rely on Korea’s extremely fast wifi. 

Two things became VERY CLEAR to me  in that moment:

1) my landlord did not speak English

2) I did not speak Korean

I grabbed my Korean dictionary and quickly wrote internet broken and took it upstairs to my landlord. She smiled and nodded, but I felt ridiculous. 

Luckily, the internet was eventually fixed and I could contact my friends and family! 

I kept thinking- what if I didn’t have a dictionary? What if my landlord didn’t live upstairs?

I realized that adapting to a new culture required 3 things from me: identification, change, and fearlessness- this became my 3 part I.C.F. method I use with my clients today!

After living in Korea and getting lost on public transportation multiple times due to my limited knowledge of Korean, 

I became fascinated with being immersed in a new culture and decided I wanted to help non-native English speakers use English with confidence so that they could access the opportunities they deserve and stop feeling stuck with their English.

I’ve also lived with a host family in Spain when speaking English wasn’t an option, but I also know that other people have been in situations when speaking English is their only option.

This is exactly why I created English Commute. Today, I help clients confidently communicate in English and stop being afraid of the way they sound.

Here’s what past clients had to say about working together:

It gave me confidence and helped me become better with my English and accent so people take me more seriously when I work

Get to know me a bit more…

When I can’t travel, the second best thing is to “travel without traveling”- and I get to do this by learning about the different cultures of my clients! 

Growing up as an only child, my parents would often host students from other parts of the world and I was always fascinated while hearing their stories. This sparked my fascination with languages early on (as I would always learn how to order food 😀 )

<- that’s me after successfully ordering churros in Mexico City. 

If you've been thinking about...

The possibilities that could open up for you once your English improves…

I invite you to START doing the tasks that will help you get there.