Hi, I’m Kristina!

I’m an avid traveler, aspiring writer, occupational therapist, and a pronunciation coach! I’ve had thousands of conversations with advanced non native English speakers who felt as though they were holding themselves back from opportunities because they didn’t feel confident when expressing their thoughts in English. 

These individuals would tell me about their amazing accomplishments in life so far but still felt as though they were always worrying about the way they sound, especially when working with American clients and/or colleagues.

Several non native English speakers have told me they wish they could be a much more confident speaker, even under high pressure situations (e.g., important team meetings) at work. This is exactly why I created English Commute… to help multi-passionate and ambitious non native English speakers feel confident in the way they sound and go after the opportunities they deserve!

I’m trained and certified in The Accent Channel method, which means that through 1:1 pronunciation coaching, we will train your ear to recognize your own mistakes, your mouth to use the sounds, pronunciations, rhythm, intonation, and other features of American English. Once we’ve got that locked in, you’ll train your brain to automatically (i.e., let go of thinking ‘do I sound okay?’) use the new sounds in real life conversations, so you can sound great in any speaking situation.

Since launching English Commute, I have helped Non Native English speakers:

  • Guest on English speaking podcasts
  • Host business meetings in English
  • Interview potential employees in English
  • Pursue work in their ideal industry
  • No longer feel intimidated when they are the only non native English speaker in the room

(and more!)

When you become confident in the way you sound…that’s so empowering. You get to spend less mental energy focusing on how you sound (because it becomes automatic!) and can focus instead on the goals that matter most to you.

I can’t wait to be your guide in helping you become a confident English speaker and reach your American English pronunciation goals. If you’d like to work with me inside our 1:1 program, you’re invited to apply HERE.