5 Easy Steps to Pronounce Words Correctly and Clearly in English

Are you wondering how to pronounce words correctly and clearly in English?

Today, you will learn the 5 STEPS to help you improve your pronunciation QUICKLY as well as a FREE WORKSHEET so you can follow along.


Study your own accent.You don’t need understand it at a complex level, but get somewhat familiar with your native accent. Start by searching for YouTube videos that explain your native accent.


Great! Now, what accent are you working on? Some popular examples include the American accent, British accent, or Australian accent. My clients typically want to learn the accent that is common among their coworkers so that they can avoid being misunderstood during meetings.


This next step is completely optional, but choose a speech model. Who would you LOVE to sound like? Remember, the goal isn’t to sound exactly like someone else, but it does help to have an example of the accent you are learning.


Compare your NATIVE ACCENT with your GOAL ACCENT. See if you can identify a FEW words that sound very different to you. Write these down. Look up each word and learn the SOUNDS involved in each of these words. Write down each sound. It is best practice to continue to do this for a few weeks until you have a long enough list to practice from.

If this step sounds confusing to you and you would like more 1:1 support to help you identify sounds to work on, visit www.englishcommutecoaching.com/program for details of my paid program and how you can work with me!


Now that you have a list of words and sounds, continue to practice for AT LEAST 10 minutes a day in your goal accent. A Bonus tip is to record yourself each time you practice so that you can track your progress!

Remember to download your FREE WORKBOOK so you can record your progress! You can watch the FULL VIDEO here:

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